Vitor Henckel

Software Engineer


I am a software engineer with over 10 years of experience in web development, and my passion lies in finding creative solutions to real-world problems. Since 2010, I have been working on projects that aim to improve people's lives, utilizing my technology skills to create useful and innovative tools.

Over the years, I have launched several SMS robots that performed tasks such as sending emails, finding taxis, and providing news at a time when mobile internet was not yet widely available in Brazil. In 2016, I developed a parcel tracking bot for the Brazilian Postal Service and another bot that sent alerts from the Civil Defense agency in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Additionally, I am an active contributor to NASA's open source software projects and participate in the MAB project, which creates websites and systems for NGOs and hospitals.

As a co-founder of the startup O2OBOTS, I was the sole software engineer for four years and played a key role in developing a platform for hybrid chatbots in the insurance and credit sector. My work involved conceiving and developing the platform, which combines artificial intelligence and logical flows to create highly effective chatbots. My goal is always to create solutions that add value and make people's lives easier.

Work Experiences

Software Engineer Sr

O2OBOTS | 2017 - Present
  • Development of intelligence engine and conversation control (state machine) for robots that work on WhatsApp and Messenger, using NodeJS with AdonisJS framework and MySQL database
  • Development of a backoffice platform for client management developed in PHP with the CodeIgniter3 framework.
  • Development of Saas platform for contracting the service and management of robots developed in PHP with the CodeIgniter3 framework.

Software Engineer

LeadForce Brasil | 2016 - 2017
  • Platform for the generation of Landing Pages. Analysis and development to create a platform for creating landing pages based on the templates provided in the tool.
  • System for building chatbots for websites. Analysis and development of a platform for building fully customized chatbots for use on websites and landing pages. Chatbots with customized dialogs by segment, possibility of creating multiple dialogs, registration of multiple attendants, automatic opening according to the time defined in the chatbot registration.

Web Developer

DBC Company | 2016 - 2016

Analysis and development of web systems in PHP language. Currently allocated to a client developing a web platform with Laravel as a back-end framework.

PHP Developer

IAGENTE | 2011 - 2016
  • Support for SAAS systems marketed by the company
  • Development of a Saas email marketing platform
  • Development of a Saas platform for sending individual SMS, bulk sending and sending via API.
  • Development of monitoring systems for the above platforms.


Robot for the Civil Defense of RS

Open Source

Messenger Chatbot to send alerts from the Civil Defense of RS. User could register their zip code or city and the robot sent alerts for rain, storms, gusts, accidents, etc., issued by the Civil Defense

RastreamentoBot chatbot

Open Source

Messenger ChatBot to track orders with the code of the post office.


Open Source

Messenger ChatBot to return parts of the package insert of the desired drug.

Mini Agência do Bem - MAB

Open Source

A group of professionals from different areas, companies and agencies who gathered their talents to participate in the “Adopt a Briefing” project, which consists of helping the cause of orphanages, hospitals, NGOs and several other entities.